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Slovenia Regional Finalists

Best Accelerator/Incubator Program

Ljubljana University Incubator (LUI)


LUI is your go-to start-up community! We offer comprehensive support to early-stage start-ups & innovative individuals, while also encouraging University’s researchers with their business endeavours.

ABC Accelerator


Hyper personal and fully online business accelerator focusing on revenue, traction and your next investment. With methodological approach we help startup and scaleups get to the next level by leveraging our Entrepreneurs in residence, mentors, corporate partners and investors.

Best VC

Alita Capital

We invest relatively small amounts and a lot of knowledge in extremely early-stage start-ups or start-up teams with a permanent will to bring interesting and innovative projects to life, and we advise those in the development phase to grow successfully.

Founder of the Year

Miha Rajh


Passionate about business development, sales, project management, company formations and bringing new projects off the ground. My portfolio includes establishing and running three successful companies: Biostartup, MyByba and Pharsol, and consulting dozens of projects in the field of life science. Currently I am leading an amazing team in Startup company Pharsol, where we were invited to the HV Lab accelerator, run by GE Healthcare and EIT Health.

Best Newcomer



Developing the world’s first smart anchoring system for boats, so captains can anchor safer and more confident. Units will be connected to an IoT network where users will get warnings, suggestions and areas to avoid when anchoring and a photo underwater chart.

Diversity Role Model of the Year

Eva Štraser


As founder of the Evegreen I have past experience in the automotive industry where I have been working for more than 13 years. Being part of the plastic industry that is now undergoing significant changes and pressure from customers I am guided by deep understanding of reasons behind the struggles of the transition to new materials.

Maja Voje


Maja Voje is a globally recognized growth advisor and practitioner. She has built her career in leading technology companies such as Google and Rocket Internet. As a lecturer, she participates in one of the best-selling online courses at the Udemy online classroom, which has already been taken by more than 51,000 international students. As a consultant, she has helped develop growth strategies and build growth teams for more than 300 American, German, Austrian, Swedish, Belgian, Dutch and Slovenian companies operating in international markets. In her career, she has helped several companies invest up to 10-25 million and scale from 20 million to 60-100 million in yearly revenue.

Nina Dremelj


Nina Dremelj is the president of Business Angels of Slovenia. Her greatest passion is to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into real, successful businesses. She is currently dedicated to Alita Capital as well, where they are the real investors – they invest relatively small amounts and a lot of their time and knowledge in extremely early founders or. founding teams with a lasting will to bring innovative projects to life. In the past, she co-owned and successfully managed the Swiss seed fund AlpVent AG, where she invested in successful Slovenian companies such as Hooray Heroes, TAIA, FlySentinel and others. Under the auspices of Alita Capital, she has supported Cresco Innovation, Cirriosoft, Salesqueze and other companies.

Best Coworking Space



ABC hub is a place where we are building a community that, in combination with state-of-the-art infrastructure , offers you everything you need in order to grow successfully.

Ecosystem Hero of the Year

Nina Dremelj

Invest, advise, supervise and support start-ups in order to bring interesting and innovative projects to life and lead them to success

Startup of the Year



Eligma Ltd. was founded in 2017 in Slovenia. It is the facilitator of seamless and secure crypto payments at online and offline merchants through its GoCrypto solution the world’s fastest growing crypto payment scheme.



PharSol stands for Pharmaceutical solutions – our mission is to bring solutions to the biopharmaceutical and bioprocessing industries, by either providing the right equipment or designing custom-made solutions.



Have developed wooden vibrating massage device for carpal tunnel syndrome that is medically proofed. Upgraded with app it guides patients to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries and to get rid of the pain.