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Latvia Regional Finalists

Best Accelerator/Incubator Program

Commercialization Reactor


Business, inspired by science!

Best VC

iTech Capital

iTech Capital is a global investment manager specialising in the high growth stages of internet-based businesses since 2010.Our portfolio companies are present in over 15 countries worldwide, serving more than 20 million clients.

Startup Wise Guys

With 250+ investments in early stage startups, Startup Wise Guys is one of the most active investors in Europe. To help techy startup founders become entrepreneurs, they are running a world class startup accelerator since 2012.

Founder of the Year

Marina Petrakova


Certified speech and language therapist, worked for +-3 years in rehabilitation area in the position of SLP as well as in the parralel working in IT and developing career in IT area. Riga TechGirls member from the beginning helping the team to organize different event to promote, educate and inspire women in tech. Worked in several projects connected to health tech as product owner and UX/UI designer. Won several hackathons with the team creating the immersive experiences for healthcare needs. Year ago co-founded VREACH. Got into Forbes 30under30 list of Latvia. Speaker at the different conferences starting from local to WebSummit in Portugal. IT mentor for startups and individuals.

Nikolas Trutiak


Nik is both an aerospace and biomedical engineer, and grew up in Toronto, Canada. Although he has tried many small business ideas, he more recently spent 6 years working in the small unmanned aerial vehicle industry, travelling to over 30 countries and specializes in multispectral camera and photogrammetry applications. He currently resides in Riga, Latvia, participating in the growing startup scene through his deep-tech company, HYMET Thermal Interfaces. This business is exciting for him because it specializes in a technology foundational to the entire electronics industry: thermal management. Overall, Nik considers himself tech-focused but industry agnostic, always interested in new ideas and solutions.

Nikolay Ganyushkin


Born in 1985. In 2008 he graduated from MEPhI with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in technical physics (with honors), as well as a degree in management economics (with honors). In 2019, he received an MBA degree from Skolkovo Business School. In 2008, I founded the company Rospartner with a partner. In 2014, after bringing the company to 100 people and a turnover of more than 1 million euros per year, I sold my share of shares. From 2015 to 2018 he was responsible for the operation of large information systems in Moscow Infogorod. In 2018 decided that the market and the world needed an AI IT Operations system. That’s how MONQ came about. In 2019, sales of the system started in Russia. In 2021, the company was moved to Latvia.

Best Newcomer



FIXAR creates safety-driven unmanned aerial vehicle solutions, while laying the groundwork for a future in which the fully autonomous, versatile, and more sophisticated drones of tomorrow reliably complete the industrial missions.



We are an online marketplace (platform) that aims to digitalize comparison and ordering process for flexible packaging, making it simpler and more cost effective for our clients.



AI Content Generation for e-commerce

Diversity Role Model of the Year

Anna Andersone


Anna is one of the startup ecosystem leaders in Latvia and Chief Empowerment Officer of the Riga TechGirls movement. Her background and experience lies within building design and tech companies like FROONT, berta.me and HungryLab and supporting the start-up ecosystem in Latvia by founding designer and developer co-working space THE MILL, being on the board of TechHub Riga and actively being outspoken about gender equality in tech. She has grown the Riga TechGirls community supporting women in IT at a start-up acceleration rate, training more than 4000 women in 2020 and more than 6000 in 2021. Currently she is developing her brand and special clothing that promotes hugs and touches for warmer relationships: bewithclothing.com.

Best Coworking Space

Venture Faculty


Venture Hub in Riga. For companies and corporations. For entrepreneurs and enterprises. We cultivate business and investments with local expertise, guidance, and connections.

Ecosystem Hero of the Year

Lauma Sīle

Exploring the Baltic tech ecosystem day by day and working alongside worldwide industry leaders. Also, sharing experience and standing strong to support other young professionals along the way.

Diana Lace Davidova

Diana is looking for the best early-stage startups at Superangel VC, with 40+ portfolio companies including Bolt 🦄 , Veriff, Sonarworks and more. She is actively involved in the Baltic startup ecosystem, as the former CEO of Latvian Startup Association and ex-investment director at the Riga-based Overkill Ventures. Diana is also the founder of Global Shapers Riga hub, initiative powered by World Economic Forum. Global Shapers unites well over 8,000 young professionals worldwide and aims to create local impact initiatives. She is a frequent panelist and speaker on the topics of fundraising, tech entrepreneurship and youth empowerment

Armin Konjalic


Armin is active ecosystem builder across CEE for the past decade. Published several papers such as Startup Investment and Innovation Ecosystem in Emerging Europe, How can policy-makers support startup ecosystem in Western Balkans and others. Armin worked with organizations on creating synergies between institutions and entrepreneurs in the region. Currently based in Riga, active participant of Rigas infamous art community Lastdija. Armin is turning it creative entrepreneurial hub.

Startup of the Year

Beetroot Lab


Beetroot Lab is a privately held company based out of Riga, Latvia specializing in mobile game development for iOS and Android platforms. During 4+ years we have build a team of 40+ experienced professional covering all areas of Game development and User Acquisition



A digital health company providing a technological bridge between healthcare institutions and the Biotech industry with an aim to help identify and unlock the hidden value of biomedical data to accelerate the drug and treatment discovery and provide better help to those of need



Founded in 2018 by food service professioanls and aerospace engineers to replace human labor in the kitchens.