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Hungary Regional Finalists

Best Accelerator/Incubator Program

Health Venture Lab


Health Venture Lab is renowned for running an equity-free healthcare-focused accelerator:Reactor, with in-depth knowledge and coaching specific to the industry for the past four years,offering a 3-month-long remote programme for early-stage startups.

CEU InnovationsLab


CEU iLab makes entrepreneurship accessible by providing mentoring, know-how and a community for high-impact teams. It has incubated more than 70 startups, has worked with 300 startup team members, the startups raised more than EUR8.5M in funding, and have created cca 250 jobs.

Start it @K&H


Start it @K&H is a No-share No equity incubator, which provides Co-working space, professional mentoring and a great and supportive community to early stage startup

Best VC

Portfolion Capital Partners

PortfoLion is a Budapest-based venture capital and private equity firm with a team of 20+ professionals. Managing 400 million euros across our funds allows us to partner up with companies in the broad CEE region across multiple growth stages, including early, growth and buy-out.

Founder of the Year

Donat Posta


Co-Founder and CEO at SMAPP Co-Founder at Budapest Innovation Group Innovation lead at Creative Dock Budapest office President at Hungarian Research Student Association. I want to solve real problems with innovative ideas. My expertise is to detect the problem, find the best brains and create an efficient team. SMAPPLAB is a good example of that process. We create a much better solution within 2 years than comparing our largest competitor who spent more than 8 years to the development. And the Budapest Innovation Group – BIG is an excellent example of who can find real talents effectively. The BIG goals are to find the most talented young innovators in Hungary and accelerate the PEOPLE.

Daniel Olah


Co-Founder of Fitpuli, the corporate digital healthcare program, with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness & fitness industry. Skilled in Emergency Medicine, Healthcare Management and Medicine. Strong business development professional with a Specialist in Occupational Medicine focused on corporate wellness programs & Occupational Medicine Residency Program, from Semmelweis University.

Best Newcomer



We are an agtech startup, which develops smart traps to help farmers protect against insects at the right time with the right amount of chemicals. We provide the farmers with decision support and make agriculture and plant protection more sustainable



roboGaze is an early-stage technology startup located in Budapest, Hungary working on an AI-driven real-time driver monitoring system to eliminate road fatalities. roboGaze provides an affordable solution that makes life saving tech available for all car owners.

Bedrock Farm


We develop methodologies based on physiology for decentralized, network-based plant production.

Diversity Role Model of the Year

Andrea Kozma


Andrea Kozma is the founder and Director of CEU InnovationsLab. CEU iLab launched in 2016 Kozma designed a method to generate, screen, co-develop and mentor projects for commercialization. The iLab method integrates CEU academic programs and the early stage venture development process, joint iLab and Department programs Lab and pursues learning opportunities for young startups building on the university’s master programs. Kozma is regularly invited as mentor in various hackathons, mentor programs, as well as jury member in startup competitions. She is a double CEU alumna, holds an LLM in International Business Law and an MBA. She holds a LBS certificate in Corporate Finance and Entrepreneurial Mindshift Certificate from Babson College.

Nicole Mezei

I joined the company at the age of 21 straight out of university. I started by printing official documents. I was part of the success story that built a modern company with an awesome company culture that allowed the girl doing the printing to become one of the few tech CEOs in Hungary.

Szilvi Koleszár


Before receiving a US research grant, I have been working with HR and Employer Branding at one of the biggest software development companies called LogMeIn in Hungary. I knew how hard it was to find female IT specialists. During my research in the US, I studied how to engage kids into technology, and I could see several initiatives that were way ahead of us in Western Europe. After coming back to Budapest I set up Skool and have started to work with children.

Best Coworking Space



Loffice is present in 2 countries in 3 locations. The mission is to provide stylish spaces and business support services to collaborate & build a community that feels like family. Loffice is home to creative entrepreneurs, cultural initiatives & freelancers of all sorts.

Urban Lobby


The Urban Lobby Lounge & Coworking space is a boundary-blurring concept aiming to bring together local digital nomads and the new generation of international travellers.

KAPTÁR Coworking Office


KAPTR is a community of freelancers and digital nomads in the heart of Budapest, close to everything and everyone.

Ecosystem Hero of the Year

Turcsán Tamás Péter

13 Years in the Startup Ecosystem. Serial Entrepreneur. Incubator specialist (Founder of 5 incubators) Actually founder of Pozi.io. International mentor, Startup consultant, Visioner, Communication and media expert, crowdfunding specialist, a social innovator. Founder & COO of The Connect East Incubator, opinion leader of the local startup ecosystem. Helping innovative domestic startups with education, mentoring, social capital, public relations, and communication. Ambassador of CESA. Founder of the biggest regional university and corporate business idea competition series, Hackathon-in-the-Box (50 hackathons in 4 countries.) Writer of a bestseller book: Startupbook.me: az elveszett recept, journalist, tech and startup blogger, speaker.

Csongor Biás

I’ve been a startup community guy working on supporting the local ecosystem for almost a decade. I worked for VCs, accelerators, coworking spaces and organized dozens of events and programs.

Gergely Böszörményi Nagy


Entrepreneur, CEO of Design Terminal, a startup accelerator with regional outreach, founder of Brain Bar, the largest European festival on the future and co-founder of Datapolis, a startup a software company that mingles data science with urban planning.

Startup of the Year



Talk-A-Bot takes what works and makes it better. whether it is internal communications,sales, client support or marketing through digital conversations.



At Taxually our mission is to bring transparency and simplicity to tax and back office processes empowering our clients to truly regain the ability to focus on value-adding tasks.



Fitpuli is the only digital employee wellness programme that improves health aligned with the dedication of lifestyle medicine to boost corporate competitiveness and effectiveness using the power of the community.